C.A.T.S. music theory software in more detail...

There are 2 separate CD-Roms you can buy. Volume 1 covers Beginner to Grade 2 and Volume 2 covers Grade 3 to Grade 5. C.A.T.S. is divided into 2 main areas (Learn and Test), with the detail divided into subject areas. There are also league tables and score charts.

You can also choose to use either English or American terms, and choose whether or not your computer shows you the correct answer when you get it wrong.

The questions in the tests are always chosen at random by your PC. No test will ever be the same as there are well over 25,000 possible questions to ask.

Use it over and over. See your score. Find out where you went wrong. Improve faster than you ever thought possible. C.A.T.S. is all you need.

Learn Section

Test Section

The Subject Areas

Notes and Rests

Learn about the names of all the notes and rests. How long they last, what they are called, how to write them, dots and ties.


The clefs you need to know for each grade and the pitch name of notes. Ledger lines and accidentals. Quizzes include naming notes and making notes with interactive staves.


From simple interval numbers at the lower grade to compound intervals at grade 5. More interactive staves. See all the possible intervals in any key and in the clef of your choice. Transposing is also included here for the higher grades.

Triads and chords

Starting with simple triads in C.A.T.S. Volume 1 and progressing to inversions and cadences in Volume 2.


View any scale you need to know at the grade selected. See it going up, see it going down. With key signature and without key signature. Volume 2 includes finding the semitones and naming the degrees of the scale. You name it and you can find it here. And you will probably be tested on it as well!

Symbols and ornaments

From staccatos and accents at the early grades to bowing markings, repeat signs and more. See all the signs you need to know, with definitions. Ornaments come in from grade 4. See numerous examples of them in use.

Musical terms

This is where you find all those words you should know. Interactive pages so you can practice. Plenty of word games, including "Hang Note" (that's like Hangman, but with a musical twist).

Key signatures

Sharps, flats. Major, minor. All the combinations you need. Games to guess the key of musical examples. And more interactive staves!

Time signatures

Simple time, compound time and basically every time signature you will need for each grade.

General information

At grades 4 and 5 you need to know a little bit about all the instruments in an orchestra. There's lots of "little bits" of information here.

* Only in the C.A.T.S. Grades 3-5 CD-Rom

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