Following are excerpts from reviews of the C.A.T.S music theory software, followed by a selection of users comments.


"The software was of a high standard and easy to use with nice, clean movement of notes and symbols around the stave. The topics covered give a pretty thorough grounding of what is required ... the rigour of the tests ensures the student really knows their stuff before moving on.

...this is an excellent way of making what many children find to be a real chore into something most enjoyable."

Music Teacher

"The program environment enlivens the learning experience and overall it provides fitness for purpose. Those looking for a more exciting way in which to practise theory knowledge will find both volumes of C.A.T.S a worthwhile investement."

British Journal of Music Education - Cambridge University Press

"It has definite 'mouse appeal' - you just drag and drop notes onto the correct place on the stave and get an instant response, rather than messing about with pencils and manuscript paper in the old-fashioned way!

This [vol.1] would be an ideal CD to buy when preparing for Grade 1 or 2 - highly recommended."

Families South West magazine

"...a software system you can reliably recommend to your students and for value for money it's simply unbeatable. Highly recommended."

Guitar Teacher

"...this programme goes a long way to helping students learn the rudiments of music theory in an independent and interesting way."

Sheet Music Magazine


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